The History of the US Constitution

The US Constitution is a document that still dominates American political and civic discussion nearly 300 years after it was first signed. To understand why these arguments and discussions still hold such sway today, it is vital to know the history of this immense document. From the principles behind its signing to the amendments that have helped to shape the document into the work of statecraft that it is today, American constitutional history is a fascinating subject that should undoubtedly be relevant to all Americans and people from many other countries all over the world.

How are Amendments Added to the US Constitution?

2 Dec 2020

There is a strict process followed when an amendment is added to the US Constitution. Amendments can become operative until they have been proposed and ratified. The proposal can be only made by the US Congress, following a two-thirds majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Early History of the Constitution

30 Oct 2020

The United States Constitution dates back to 1787 when it was first written. Its origin was the Articles of Confederation, which was seen to have a poor central government. This particular government dissolved itself in 1789. The Bill of Rights was established in 1791 and covers federal relationships, and terms of office.

The Duties of the President

14 Sep 2020

The US Constitution included a Framework of Government consisting of seven articles. The second article laid out the qualifications and duties of the President and the Vice President. The President is not only the US head of state but is also Commander in Chief of the US Air Force.